**Toony Colors Pro 2** **Changelog** v2.7.0 - March 2021 © 2021 Jean Moreno jean.moreno.public+unity@gmail.com ================================================================================================================================ Changelog ========= ### 2.7.0 #### Added - [Shader Generator 2] Added a new "[Material Layers](shader_generator_2#materiallayers)" system to the Shader Generator, allowing to add any number of layers in a single shader. This can be used to make effects from simple texture blending to snow accumulation, procedural moss and more! Please read the documentation about it! - Added "Material Layers" section in the documentation - Added "Demo TCP2 Material Layers" to show Material Layers examples - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (URP) Added "Minimum Pixel Width" option for the "Outline" feature when "Clip Space" is selected (acts like the existing option in the "Hybrid Shader") - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) Added "Sample Normal Map first" option to make sure the normal map is sampled before using world normal elsewhere (e.g. for Material Layers) - Added texture "TCP2_SketchG_Hatches" for sketch effects #### Modified - [Shader Generator 2] The "Code Injection" system has been updated: - An injection file that is updated externally (i.e. in a text editor) will automatically be reloaded when going back in Unity - Replace blocks now need to have a name defined, and will be listed alongside other blocks - All blocks can now be easily disabled (e.g. using a single injection file for multiple shaders) - Planar Reflections script now allows changing the reflection Render Texture format #### Fixed - [Hybrid Shader] Fixed shader compilation errors when building for some platforms - [Shader Generator 2] (URP) Fixed "Dissolve" effect with the "Outline" pass in URP - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (URP) "Triplanar" now works nicely with "Texture Blending" - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) Fixed wrong attenuation value when using Lightmaps with shadow masks in Mixed Lighting setups - Fixed the shadow color on materials in the "Demo TCP2 Hybrid Shader" scene - [Shader Generator 2] "Outline": Correctly perform screen aspect ratio correction when outlines are in Clip Space ### 2.6.4 #### Fixed - [Shader Generator 2] (URP) Fixed "Vertex Displacement" error when loading the URP template - [Shader Generator 2] Removed serialization debug log ### 2.6.3 #### Added - [Hybrid Shader] (Default) (URP) Added "Main Light affects Shadow Color" option to have the main light color affect the shadow color (enabled by default, this was the old behavior before v2.6.1) - [Hybrid Shader] (Default) (URP) Added "Golbal Illumination" material flags options in the material inspector UI - [Hybrid Shader] (Default) (URP) Added "Meta Pass" to allow baking lighting when using the Hybrid Shader - [Hybrid Shader] (URP) Added support for SSAO and Depth Normals pass - [Shader Generator 2] (URP) Added support for SSAO ("Enable SSAO" in the "OPTIONS" section) - [Shader Generator 2] (URP) Added support for the Depth Normals pass ("Enable Depth Normals Pass" in the "OPTIONS" section) - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (URP) Added "Vertex Displacement" feature in the "SURFACE" section (should be easier to use than the existing "Vertex Position" Hook) - [Shader Generator 2] "Sine Distortion" UV animation: added ability to use another texture's parameters for the animation, to synchronize both textures - [Shader Generator 2] Added "Reflection Color" Shader Property when using "Planar Reflections" #### Modified - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (URP) Exposed "Triplanar Parameters" in Shader Properties, and added "Triplanar Normal" hook - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (URP) "Dissolve" effect now works in the "Outline" pass as well (but it will likely have artifacts) - [Shader Generator 2] Overwrite prompt will always be called when generating a new shader over an existing path, even if the "don't prompt" option is enabled #### Fixed - Fixed possible null reference error in TCP2_PlanarReflection script - Fixed UI issue in the "Hybrid Shader Demo" at 1080p resolution (text was cropped) - Fixed serialization issue for vectors for environments where decimals separation is a comma - [Hybrid Shader] (Default) (URP) Fixed cast shadows when using "Alpha Clipping" - [Shader Generator 2] (URP) Fixed "VertExmotion" support for URP - [Shader Generator 2] (URP) Fixed "Directional Ambient" on mobile builds for URP ### 2.6.2 #### Fixed - Fixed TCP2_PlanarReflection script compilation error in some Unity versions when URP isn't installed ### 2.6.1 #### Added - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (URP) Added "Planar Reflections" option that works with the eponymous script - [Shader Generator 2] Added vertex "Local Position", "Local Normal" and "World Normal" implementations for the "Shader Properties" system - Planar Reflection script now has an option to blur the reflection texture #### Modified - [Shader Generator 2] Reorganized vertex-based implementations into their own sub-menu ("Shader Properties" system) - [Shader Generator 2] Disabled "Aura 2" third party support as it's not actually needed for compatibility - Planar Reflection script now works with URP - Improved UI readability for Material Inspectors: using orange labels for headers, better spacing after certain headers #### Fixed - [Hybrid Shader] Fixed main directional light color/intensity affecting unlit parts too when it shouldn't - [Hybrid Shader] Fixed Occlusion being applied twice for the built-in rendering pipeline - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (URP) Fixed shadow casting when using "Curved World 2020" support - [Shader Generator 2] (URP) Fixed "Sine Distortion" UV animation in the shadow pass when used with "World Position" UVs - [Shader Generator 2] Copying a shader now copies "Code Injection" settings - [Shader Generator 2] Fixed minor issues with the undo/redo system ### 2.6.0 #### Added - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (URP) Added Water Effects in the default templates: vertex-based waves animation & depth-based effect (color, foam, transparency) - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (URP) Added "Auto Optional Transparency" feature: it will add a "Rendering Mode" option in the material inspector to select *opaque*, *fade* or *transparent mode* (as in the Hybrid Shader) - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (URP) Added "Custom Time" option in the "Special Effects" section: this will override the built-in shader `_Time` value with a custom vector, controlable with scripts - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (URP) Added support for "Curved World 2020" third party asset - [Shader Generator 2] Added "Sine Distortion" UV animation for "Material Property/Texture" properties: use this water-like animation for almost any texture in your shader! - "TCP2_PlanarReflection" script: added option to define a custom background color, instead of inheriting the one from the main camera - [Documentation] Added sections about the aforementioned new features #### Modified - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) N.V-based effect like Rim Lighting now looks a bit better (less visible vertices artefacts in some cases) #### Fixed - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (URP) Wind: fixed Wind Texture being sampled twice - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (URP) Fixed N.V (e.g. rim effects) calculation for back faces - [Shader Generator 2] Performance optimizations when parsing template conditions (which happens every time an option is changed) ### 2.5.4 #### Added - [Shader Generator 2] Added "Code Injection" tab: this is a new system allowing to insert arbitrary code at various points in the shader file, for even more control over the resulting file. See the [documentation](shader_generator_2#codeinjection) to learn more! #### Modified - [Hybrid Shader] Optimizations and readability #### Fixed - [Shader Generator 2] (URP) Fixed compilation error with 'vertexNormalInput' - [Shader Generator 2] Fixed "Vertex UV" implementation sampling - [Hybrid Shader] Shadow and depth passes now respect the culling mode set in the material inspector - [Hybrid Shader] Fixed fog calculations for mobile platforms - [Demo] Updated the Cat Demo URP shaders with the latest template version (fixes compatibility with latest URP, notably shadows and VR) ### 2.5.3 #### Added - "Animated Dissolve" example shader in the "Demo TCP2 ShaderGenerator 2" scene - Added a tutorial about the creation of the "Animated Dissolve" shader in the documentation - [Shader Generator 2] Added "Triplanar" UV option for "Material Property/Texture" properties: use triplanar mapping for almost any texture in your shader! #### Modified - [Shader Generator 2] Improved "Shader Properties" UI, notably for Unity 2019.3+ #### Fixed - "Hologram" demo shader is now in "Toony Colors Pro 2/Examples/SG2/Hologram" instead of the root of the shaders menu - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (URP) Fixed compilation error where some features would miss variable declaration (e.g. Triplanar) ### 2.5.2 #### Added - Added back the "Cat Demo URP" package that wrongly disappeared, and removed the LWRP one - [Shader Generator 2] GPU Instancing options are now available in the OPTIONS section - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (URP) Added "Apply Shadows before Ramp" feature #### Modified - [Shader Generator 2] Shader output is different and simplified: all variables for all passes will always be declared in an include block at the top now #### Fixed - [Hybrid Shader] Fixed compilation error for outline version when using UV2 as normals and textured outline - [Hybrid Shader] Fixed harmless GUI error when assigning Hybrid Shader Outline to a new material - [Hybrid Shader] Fixed [MainTexture] tag to identify _BaseMap as the main texture in the shader (Unity 2019.1+) - [Hybrid Shader Demo] Fixed UI issue when resolution isn't 720p - [Shader Generator 2] Fixed Shader Properties marked as "GPU Instanced" - [Shader Generator 2] "Silhouette Pass" now works with GPU Instancing - [Shader Generator 2] Fixed error when selecting an invalid shader in the "Current Shader" field - [Shader Generator 2] (URP) Fixed compilation errors with strict compilers (e.g. PS4) - [Shader Generator 2] (URP) Fixed "Affect Ambient" option for "Sketch" stylization feature - [Shader Generator 2] (URP) Fixed "View Dir Ambient Sampling" option - [Shader Generator 2] (URP) "SRP Batcher" option is removed and now always enabled, and it also fixes some compilation errors that could happen without it ### 2.5.1 #### Added - [Shader Generator 2] Check-boxes can now be toggled by clicking on their label #### Modified - [Hybrid Shader] Changed specular calculation for Stylized/Crisp types, so that it's visually more intuitive to change size/smoothness - [Documentation] Updated layout and added missing "Specular" section for "Hybrid Shader" #### Fixed - [Hybrid Shader] Added lightmap support for URP and Built-in - [Hybrid Shader] Reduced number of variants to compile when building when using the Outline version - [Shader Generator 2] Fixed placement of modules functions block after variables declaration; fixes "No Tile" option for textures and possibly other modules - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (URP) Fixed "Unlit" ramp option that still needed a main directional light in the scene to work properly - [Shader Generator 2] (URP) Fixed compilation error when using "VertExmotion" option ### 2.5.0 #### Added - [TCP2 Hybrid Shader]: this is a new ubershader to replace the old Desktop/Mobile ones.
It adds a few options that were lacking, e.g. transparency, and is compatible with both the *Built-In* and *Universal render pipelines*.
Please read the [documentation](documentation#hybridshader) to know more! - Added new demo scene: "Demo TCP2 Hybrid Shader" - [Documentation] New [updated documentation](documentation) using the same format as the Shader Generator 2 documentation.
Some parts have been rewritten, and some have been added (e.g. Hybrid Shader). - [Smoothed Normals Utility] Updated the tool, now supporting "UV1", "UV3", "UV4" targets to store the normals, as well as storing them as "Full XYZ", "Compressed XY", "Compressed ZW" for UV targets. - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (URP) Added "Bands" options for the "Ramp Style" feature in "Lighting" #### Modified - `Desktop` and `Mobile` shaders have been moved into the "Shaders/Legacy/" folder, as well as their shader path ("Toony Colors Pro 2/Legacy/") - `Standard PBS` shaders have been moved into the "Shaders/Standard PBS/" folder ### 2.4.5 #### Added - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (URP) Added "Wrapped Lighting" feature in "Lighting" - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (URP) Added "Shadow Line Strength" property for "Shadow Line", to help make larger lines - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (URP) Exposed sine parameters as Shader Properties for "Wind" animation #### Fixed - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (URP) Fixed fog and vertical fog when used with "Outline" - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (URP) Fixed "Texture Splatting/Blending" error when using non-Linear blend and normal map - [Shader Generator 2] (URP) Fixed compilation error when "Outline" and "Silhouette Pass" are both enabled without "SRP Batcher Compatibility" - [Shader Generator 2] (URP) Fixed compilation error with "Hair Anisotropic" specular ### 2.4.4 #### Added - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (URP) Added "Wind Animation" feature in "Special Effects" - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (URP) Added "Hair Anisotropic" option for "Specular" feature - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (URP) Added "Fresnel Reflections" option for Reflections features - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (URP) Added "Unlit" option for "Ramp Style" feature - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (URP) Added "Fresnel Reflections" options for "Reflections" - [Shader Generator 2] (URP) Added "Clamp Light Intensities" option when using "All Lights" shadow color shading: prevent received light from exceeding a defined value - [Shader Generator 2] (URP) Added "View Dir Ambient Sampling", allowing to have a solid color with no gradations on the whole mesh when sampling ambient color/light probes - [Shader Generator 2] (URP) Added "Special Implementation/Ambient Color" and "Indirect Diffuse" to sample those in other properties - [Shader Generator 2] Added "Other Shader Property" UV option for textures: use any other property as the UV source of a texture; this can allow more complicated UV calculations, or use the same source for multiple textures - [Shader Generator 2] Added "Constant Float" implementation for "Shader Properties" - [Shader Generator 1] Added "Shadow Color Texture" feature for the "Surface PBS" template - Added wind animation example in "Demo TCP2 ShaderGenerator 2" scene - Updated the "Features Reference" part of the documentation #### Fixed - [Shader Generator 2] (URP) Fixed main light culling layers - [Shader Generator 2] (URP) More SRP Batcher fixes - [Shader Generator 2] (URP) Compilation error when using "World Position" UV - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (URP) Fixed Texture Blending with Normal Maps - [Shader Generator 2] Fixed missing text in some dynamic tooltips - [Shader Generator 2] Removed the "Fresnel" word from the Rim Lighting feature, as both words actually describe different things - Added a warning regarding mesh orientation for TCP2_PlanarReflection script - Fixed console warning because of a Font import settings ### #### Fixed - [Shader Generator 2] (URP) Fixed possible compilation errors because of new "SRP Batcher Compatibility" option - [Shader Generator 2] Minor UI fixes ### #### Fixed - [Shader Generator 2] (URP) Fixed broken additional passes because of new "SRP Batcher Compatibility" option ### 2.4.33 #### Added - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (URP) Added "Shadow Line" feature in Stylization, to create a crisp line between highlighted and shadowed part. Can be used to create comic-book style shadows for example. - [Shader Generator 2] Added "World Position" UV option for textures: use the vertex world position as texture UV. This can allow different effects, like using a world-space texture blending map to control multiple objects (ground, grass), or add a scrolling clouds shadow map for example. - [Shader Generator 2] (URP) Added "SRP Batcher Compatibility" in the Options (experimental, let me know if it doesn't work!) - [Shader Generator 2] Modified Shader Properties are now retained when changing template; this should make it easier to convert a shader from the built-in pipeline to URP for example. - Added a few Sketch textures - [Shader Generator 2] Added ability to use a custom font in the Options #### Modified - [Shader Generator 2] Improved UI and readability, especially in Unity 2019.3+ #### Fixed - [Shader Generator 2] (URP) Fixed shadow coordinates calculation changes introduced in URP 7.2.0 - [Shader Generator 2] (URP) Fixed Meta Pass - [Shader Generator 2] Fixed possible unwanted variable name changes when changing template on an existing shader. ### 2.4.32 #### Added - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (LWRP/URP) Added "Shading Ramp" hook - [Shader Generator 2] (URP) Added options for "Silhouette" and "Outline" to make them explicitly use the "URP Render Features" and updated documentation about it #### Fixed - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (LWRP/URP) Changed "smoothness" to "roughness" for Specular PBR/GGX - [Shader Generator 2] (LWRP/URP) Added GPU instancing and stereo rendering support - [Shader Generator 2] (LWRP/URP) Fixed error when using "Vertical Fog" and "Enable Fog" in the same shader - [Shader Generator 1] Fixed visual bug with spot light falloff bypass ### 2.4.31 #### Added - Added `Cat Demo URP` scene (extract it from the `Cat Demo URP.unitypackage` file) #### Fixed - [Shader Generator 2] (LWRP/URP) Fixed compilation error when using Specular GGX along with Reflection Probes - [Shader Generator 2] Fixed frequent compilation errors due to the new custom code prepend option - [Shader Generator 2] Reloading shaders from the current output directory now works - [Shader Generator 2] Fixed bug that was showing all Shader Properties as modified when copying a shader - [Shader Generator 2] Performance optimizations in the UI - Hopefully fixed mesh references that get lost when importing unitypackage in Cat demo scene ### 2.4.3 #### Added - [Shader Generator 2] Added 'Prepend Code' option for [Custom Code implementation](documentation#shaderproperties/implementationsreference/special/customcode): add arbitrary code before the implementation to allow for more complex code insertion - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (LWRP/URP) Added "Alpha to Coverage" option for "Alpha Testing" - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) Added "[Aura 2](https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/particles-effects/aura-2-volumetric-lighting-fog-137148)" third-party support (experimental) - [Shader Generator 2] Add Unity version on generated shaders, will be useful for support #### Changed - [Shader Generator 2] Changed how hash is calculated: old shaders opened in the tool will show a warning that they are modified externally, even though they are not. The warning will disappear once the shader is updated. #### Fixed - [Shader Generator] (Water) Enabled 'Add Shadow Pass' option to enable shadow receiving for water shaders (note: not compatible with depth-buffer effects) - [Shader Generator 2] Fixed UI bug that prevented some options from showing if `Show disabled fields` was disabled - [Shader Generator 2] Fixed possible compilation error with texture coordinates - [Shader Generator 2] Fixed "Vertical Fog" that was reapplied when using additional lights - (LWRP) "Demo TCP2 Cat LWRP" scene: water shader now also works with orthographic cameras - Fixed possible corrupted shaders when unpacking from the menu ### 2.4.2 #### Added - [Shader Generator 2] (Default) (LWRP/URP) Added "Vertical Fog" special effect #### Fixed - [Shader Generator 2] (LWRP/URP) Fixed shader compilation error when using features with world-space view direction (e.g. "Specular") - [Shader Generator 2] Fixed compilation error when using `Min Max Threshold` ceiling mode with "Triplanar Mapping" - [Shader Generator 2] `Custom Code` implementation: fixed reference bug and improved UI on referenced implementations - [Shader Generator 2] Fixed tiling and scrolling calculation order which could result in animation pops for Texture implementations - [Shader Generator 1] Fixed issues with non-US culture when using C# 4.x (when using constant float values in Shader Generator 1) - [Shader Generator 2] Fixed issue that produced a warning for generated shaders - Cat Demo Scene: fixed mesh references in Unity 2019.1+ ### 2.4.1 #### Notes - As of version 2.4.0, the "Shaders 2.0" folder has been renamed to "Shaders".
Any shaders and files in "Shaders 2.0" or a sub-folder (e.g. "Variants") has to be moved there for the shaders to compile properly. #### Added - Added HTML formatted changelog (which you are currently reading!) #### Fixed - Fixed packed shaders that were unpacking in the wrong folder, causing an `#include` error ### 2.4.0 #### Notes - Please delete the old LWRP experimental files when using this new version: - `TCP2_MaterialInspector_LWRP_SG.cs` - `TCP2_ShaderTemplate_SRP_Lightweight.txt` #### Added - Added "Shader Generator 2 (beta)": more flexible tool, with a fully-featured Lightweight/Universal Pipeline template
See the [documentation](documentation) to learn more! - Added `Cat Demo LWRP` scene (extract it from the `Cat Demo LWRP.unitypackage` file) - Added 26 MatCap textures - Added namespaces for all TCP2 classes (except material inspectors for compatibility) - Added .asmdef files for TCP2 scripts (Unity 2019.1+) - [Shader Generator] Added "VertExmotion" support #### Changed - [Shader Generator] Enabled Dithered Shadows when using Alpha Testing with Dithered Transparency - Reorganized the Textures folder - Renamed the "Shaders 2.0" folder to "Shaders" #### Fixed - [Shader Generator] fixed Outline in Single-Pass Stereo rendering mode (VR)

Old changelog format: --- ### 2.3.572 - Fixed compilation error on MacOS - Fixed issues with non-US culture when using C# 4.x - Regression fixed: Shader Generator: "Constant Size Outline" was broken, will take objects' scale into account again ### 2.3.571 - Shader Generator: "Default" template: fixed Specular Mask when using PBR Blinn-Phong or GGX models - Shader Generator: "PBS" templates: fixed compilation issues on builds when using outlines - Shader Generator: "Surface PBS" template: fixed Emission feature - Shader Generator: "Water" template: fixed precision issue causing artifacts on some mobile platforms - Shader Generator: fixed "Constant Size Outline" option so that it ignores objects' scale - Shader Generator: UI fixes with inline features ### 2.3.57 - Shader Generator: upgraded "SRP/Lightweight" template to latest version (4.1.0-preview with Unity 2018.3.0b9) - Shader Generator: "Default" template: fixed "Pixel MatCap" option when using a normal map with skinned meshes - Shader Generator: always start with a new shader when opening the tool (don't load the last generated/loaded shader anymore) - Added example MatCap textures - Removed 'JMOAssets.dll', became obsolete with the Asset Store update notification system ### 2.3.56 - Shader Generator: added "Texture Blending" feature for "Surface PBS" template - Shader Generator: fixed non-repeating tiling for "Texture Blending" in relevant templates - Shader Generator: fixed masks for "Surface PBS" template (Albedo Color Mask, HSV Mask, Subsurface Scattering Mask) - Added default non-repeating tiling noise textures ### 2.3.55 - Shader Generator: added "Silhouette Pass" option: simple solid color silhouette for when objects are behind obstacles - Shader Generator: fixed fog for "Standard PBS" shaders in Unity 2018.2+ - Reorganized some files and folders ### 2.3.54 - Shader Generator: added more Tessellation options for "Default" template: Fixed, Distance Based and Edge Length Based - Shader Generator: added Tessellation support for "Standard PBS" template - Desktop/Mobile shaders: removed Directional Lightmap support for shaders, so that all variants can compile properly (max number of interpolators was reached for some combination in Unity 2018+) - Mpbile shaders: disabled view direction calculated in the vertex shader, will be calculated in the fragment instead, so that all variants compile properly (slightly slower but it frees up one interpolator) - Shader Generator: restored 'VertexLit' fallback for Surface PBS template, so that shadow receiving works by default ### 2.3.53 - Shader Generator: added "Shadow Color Mode" feature with "Replace Color" option to entirely replace the Albedo with the shadow color - Shader Generator: updated GGX Specular to be more faithful to the Standard shader implementation - Shader Generator: fixed GGX Specular when using Linear color space - Shader Generator: updated Lightweight SRP template to work with Unity 2018.2 and lightweight 2.0.5-preview - Shader Generator: Lightweight SRP template still works with Unity 2017.1 and lightweight 1.1.11-preview ### 2.3.52 - Shader Generator: added "Vertical Fog" option for "Default" template - Shader Generator: fixed wrong colors and transparency in "Fade" mode with "Surface Standard PBS" template - Shader Generator: fixed disabling depth buffer writing mode depending on transparency mode with "Surface Standard PBS" template - Shader Generator: reorganized templates UI in foldout boxes for clarity - Shader Generator: updated UI for clarity - Shader Generator: harmonized UI colors for Unity Editor pro skin ### 2.3.51 - Shader Generator: fixed issue with "Sketch" option in "Surface Standard PBS" template - Shader Generator: fixed "Bump Scale" option in "SRP/Lightweight" template ### 2.3.5 - Shader Generator: added experiment "SRP/Lightweight" template with limited features (Unity 2018.1+) - extract "Lightweight SRP Template.unitypackage" for it to work - Shader Generator: added "LOD Group Blending" feature (dither or cross-fade) - script warning fix ### 2.3.41 - Shader Generator: "Standard Surface PBS" template: fixed "Occlusion" and added occlusion map color channel selection - Shader Generator: "Standard Surface PBS" template: fixed "Backface Lighting" and "Shader Target" features - Shader Generator: "Standard Surface PBS" template: fixed transparent modes (Cutout, Fade, Transparent) - Shader Generator: "Standard Surface PBS" template: added surface shader flags ### 2.3.4 - Shader Generator: new template "Standard Surface PBS" to replace the previous "Standard PBS" - now uses Unity's surface shader system - simpler and more flexible shader code - all base Standard shader options are now optional (better stripping and faster compilation times) - now embeds the outline code as in the "Default" template (use "Legacy Outline" option for old behavior) - all outline options from the "Default" template are now available for the "Standard Surface PBS" template - previous template still available as "Legacy/Standard PBS" - Updated "Demo TCP2 Cat" scene so that it looks good in both Gamma and Linear color space mode - Updated "Demo TCP2 ShaderGenerator" PBS shaders to use the new template - 2018.1 scripts compatibility ### 2.3.391 - Shader Generator: fixed "Backface Lighting" for Standard PBS template (it was only flipping the normal Z axis, now it flips all XYZ axis) - Shader Generator: fixed error when using Triplanar mapping and other features using the main texture UVs - Shader Generator: fixed compilation error when using lightmaps with some shaders - dropped support for Unity 5.4 and lower (older versions still available to download) ### 2.3.39 - Shader Generator: added "Snow Accumulation" layer feature with color, vertex displacement and other options - Shader Generator: added options for the "Occlusion Map" feature: - Color channel selection - RGB Occlusion - Intensity slider - Shader Generator: added ZWrite and Cull Mode options - Shader Generator: added "Disable Dynamic Batching" flag ("Default" and "Water" templates) - Shader Generator: added "Backfaces Color" option for "Water" template - Shader Generator: added "Hide Foam on Backfaces" option for "Water" template - Shader Generator: fixed "Occlusion Map" in "Default" template - Shader Generator: fixed "Curved World" template - Shader Generator: fixed some shaders not compiling for OpenGL ES 2.0 with PBS template - Shader Generator: fixed 'Transparent' Rendering Mode broken with PBS template ### 2.3.382 - Shader Generator: added "Emission Texture (RGB)" feature - Shader Generator: added 3 optional masked colors - Shader Generator: added "Phong Tessellation" feature (warning: does not work with vertex-based features) - Shader Generator: added "Dithered Transparency" option under "Alpha Testing (Cutout)" feature (enables transparency similar to Super Mario Odyssey) - Mobile: fixed Specular shaders not compiling when building and thus failing the build process - Desktop/Mobile shaders: disable baked lightmaps support for shaders that run out of vertex interpolators (instead of disabling fog) - Removed some unused shader keywords ### 2.3.381 - Shader Generator: fixed "Standard PBS" template ### 2.3.38 - added GPU Instancing support for Outline passes (all shaders) - fixed GPU Instancing for PBS shaders (both regular and generated) - Shader Generator: added "Shadow/Depth Pass" option for outline, so that its thickness is included in cast shadows, and also in the depth texture (e.g. for post effects like depth of field) - Shader Generator: Specular shader and terminology fixes ("roughness"/"smoothness") ### 2.3.371 - Shader Generator: fixed roughness mask for all specular models - Shader Generator: improved GGX specular (more alike PBS shaders) ### 2.3.37 - New demo scene "Demo TCP2 Cat" showcasing features from the Shader Generator - Shader Generator: added different specular models option: - Legacy (Blinn-Phong) - PBR Blinn-Phong (new one where the smoothness affects the intensity) - GGX (different look for the highlights, also PBR) - Shader Generator: added different cartoon specular options: - Smoothstep (existing one) - Banded (new one that divides the specular highlights into bands) - Shader Generator: added "Triplanar Normal Maps" option - Shader Generator: added "Shadow HSV" option (control HSV values on shadowed areas) - Shader Generator: added "Final HSV" option (control HSV values on final pixel color, after lighting has been applied) - Shader Generator: added "Saturation only" option to HSV control (faster, and preserves luminosity better) - Shader Generator: added "Diffuse Tint Mask" option - Shader Generator: fixed Point & Spot falloff texture bypassing for Unity 5.6+ - Shader Generator: fixed "Rim: Light-based Mask" not working with fog (moved out of Final Color function to Lighting function) - Shader Generator: fixed saturation not being really grayscale when at -1 (with HSV controls) ### 2.3.36 - Outline Shader update: * fixed Z Correction not working properly compared to previous Unity versions * Shader Generator: embed outline shader code directly in the generated shader: -> no more dependencies to "TCP2_Outline_Include.cginc" -> will make it easier to add outline features -> added "Legacy Outline" option to revert to old behavior * Shader Generator: outline width is now more consistent with Z Correction - Shader Generator: added "HDR Outline Color" option - Shader Generator: added "Outline as fake rim" option (simulate a crisp rim light) - Shader Generator: added "Vertex Color Width" option (modulate outline width with a vertex color) - Shader Generator: added "Gamma to Linear Space" option for Vertex Colors feature - Shader Generator ("Water" Template): reduce depth-buffer bleeding for objects in front of water (especially when a normal map is used) - minor bug fixes in Shader Generator ### 2.3.35 - Smoothed Normals Utility: * added option to save meshes to custom directory * fixed error when original mesh name has invalid filename characters - added "Sharpen Alpha-to-Coverage" option to enhance alpha testing when using MSAA and alpha-to-coverage - fixed "Vertex Colors" option not working when selected as a mask ### 2.3.341 - added Textured Threshold option for Terrain template - Terrain template lighting isn't wrapped by default anymore ("Enable Wrapped Lighting" option) - fixed alpha transparency used with specular in "Default" template - fixed vertex function not working for generated shaders in Unity 5.4 ### 2.3.34 - updated "Curved World Water" template to match "Water" template - added 'Shadowmask Support' option for "Default" templates - fixed GPU instancing for generated shaders using the vertex function - fixed Curved World template - fixed sketch effect for Standard PBS template: it will now properly take cast shadows into account ### 2.3.33 - added 'Blending' option for the 'Color Mask' feature: set the blending of the masked color (replace, multiply or add) - also added to 'Standard PBS' template ('Color Mask' now always uses a separate color for this template) - added 'Shadow Color Texture' feature: use a texture to define the shadow color - added 'Specular Color Texture' feature: use a texture to define the specular color - added 'Rim Color Texture' feature: use a texture to define the rim effects color - added 'Non-Repeating Tiling' options for textures (main and terrain textures, prevents repeating pattern for tiling textures) - added 'Stencil Buffer' option for the 'Outline Behind' feature: different technique that can prevent certain artifacts - added 'Enable Instancing' option in material inspectors (Unity 5.6+) - updated the 'Backface Lighting' option for double-sided materials: choose between flipping the Z or XYZ components of the normal for backfaces - fix: generated transparent shaders should now work properly with secondary lights - fix: outline normals selection UI now shows for shaders made with 'Standard PBS' template - TCP2_GetPosOnWater update: - fixed position calculation when using 1 sine function - added ability to calculate the wave normal based on a position - removed API upgrade prompt when importing in Unity 2017.1+ projects ### 2.3.32 - Shader Generator: added Triplanar feature for Terrain template - Shader Generator: HSV control should now work properly with HDR values - fixed Terrain template when height-based blending and normal maps were both enabled ### 2.3.31 - disabled debug mode in Shader Generator (was mistakenly left enabled in the previous update) ### 2.3.3 - Shader Generator: updated template to use Unity 5's surface shader model by default * this will improve compatibility with built-in features (e.g. Light Probe Proxy Volumes) * visuals should stay the same as they were, but you can use Unity 4 model if that's not the case * please send me a bug report if you notice something wrong - Shader Generator: major update to the Texture Blending feature: * now based on vertex colors or texture map * can blend up to 5 textures using RGBA + black color * height-based blending for more realistic transition between textures (also added to Terrain template) - Shader Generator: added Triplanar mapping option - Shader Generator: added "Ramp Control" and "Ramp Style" features: * separated ramp controls per light type, or main/secondary lights * "RGB Slider" option, allows a different threshold per color channel (good for skin subsurface approximation) * shaders using the "Separated Ramps" option will switch to these new options - Shader Generator: added Point and Spot light built-in falloff textures bypass: * will remove the usage of Unity's built-in falloff textures * ramp settings will be based on a linear falloff, based on the light's settings * you can define a custom falloff texture when combining this with the new Ramp Control feature - Shader Generator: added Alpha To Coverage transparency option - Shader Generator: added custom Light Wrapping factor option - Shader Generator: added Specular workflow option (Standard PBS Template) - Shader Generator: added ignore main texture and/or color alpha options for Alpha Blending & Testing - Shader Generator: Subsurface Scattering is always using the Light's color now - Shader Generator: added Gradient Ramp option for Dissolve - Shader Generator: Dissolve doesn't clip by itself now, you need to enable Alpha Testing (Cutout) to get the old behavior - Shader Generator: added UV1 option for Masks' independent UVs (to use secondary UVs from the mesh) - Shader Generator: added height-based blending for Terrain template - Shader Generator UI: reorganized sections with labels - Scripts: TCP2_GetPosOnWater doesn't update the custom time value anymore, use TCP2_ShaderUpdateUnityTime instead - Shaders: new default color values for highlight/shadows, should look more like the Default material - Material Inspectors UI improvements - updated documentation and reorganized sections to match Shader Generator - fixed harmless console errors related to material inspector (hopefully!) ### 2.3.22 - removed harmless shader warnings in Unity 5.6 ### 2.3.21 - fixed packed shaders file that was corrupted (unpacked shaders weren't compiling) ### 2.3.2 - added "Curved World" compatible Water shader template - added direct editing of ramp textures gradient (when generated with the Ramp Generator) - updated material inspector UI for ramp textures ### 2.3.11 - added script "TCP2_CameraDepth" to force rendering of the depth texture for a Camera (needed for some water shaders) - added a warning in the material about the need for the depth texture for relevant water shaders - fixed generated shaders include path if "Toony Colors Pro" folder has been moved ### 2.3.1 - PBS Shaders: Unity 5.6 compatibility - PBS Shader Template: Unity 5.6 compatibility ### 2.3.0 - added "Water Template" for Shader Generator: make your own stylized water shader - added "PBS Template" for Shader Generator: make your own enhanced PBS stylized shader - added Scene "Demo TCP2 ShaderGenerator" with examples of user-generated shaders - Shader Generator: new button to easily load included shader templates - Shader Generator: added "Occlusion Map" feature - Shader Generator: added "No Shadow Color" feature for secondary lights - Shader Generator: replaced "Disable Wrapped Lighting" with "Enable Wrapped Lighting" (so that it is disabled by default) - fix: "Standard PBS" shaders should reflect Unity 5.5's Standard shader better - fix: Shader Generator should be much faster at loading shader list - fix: "Backface Lighting" should work correctly now - fix: Screen space UV offset for Sketch effects is more accurate and now correct in Scene view - renamed texture files that were using an old prefix (from TG_ to TCP2_) - dropped support for Unity 5.3 and lower (older versions still available to download) ### 2.2.6 - added "Dissolve Map" feature: simple dissolution effect based on a grayscale map and a dissolve value - added "Depth Pass" option for "Outline behind model": this should help with sorting issues when using that option - added "Backface Lighting" option when disabling backface culling (experimental) - added "View Dependent" option for "Directional Ambient" feature - added "Subsurface Light Color" option for "Subsurface Scattering" feature - added "Separate Color" option for the "Color Mask" feature - updated Shader Generator and Material Inspector: * templates now entirely handle the generated shaders' inspector UI * slight interface update for better clarity - fixed "Curved World" template (was broken in previous version) ### 2.2.51 - Unity 5.5 compatibility - added "HSV Controls" feature (hue/saturation/value) - updated masks with new template system ### 2.2.5 - added "Diffuse Tint" option in Shader Generator - added "Separated Ramp" option in Shader Generator - added "Vertex Colors" option for all Masks - major update to the Shader Generator: * now the whole UI is embedded into the templates (will make it easier to create different templates) * uses a more robust condition parser * the old template is still available, with the old behavior, in case the new system doesn't properly work - fixed compilation issue on PBS shaders when UNITY_STANDARD_SIMPLE was used (it is now ignored) - bug fixes in Terrain template ### 2.2.45 - added "Normal Map Blending" option for "Vertex Texture Blending" feature - updated the "Sketch" effects in the Shader Generator: * the screen-space texture will be offset based on the object's position, removing the 'shower door' artefact * go back to the old behavior by enabling the 'Disable Obj-Space Offset' option * removed 'Scale with Model' option, now integrated with the new object-space offset * the UVs aren't multiplied with the resolution anymore, giving consistent texture scale across resolutions - updated "Subsurface Scattering" in the Shader Generator: * separated Ambient Color and Color * additive mode is now the default behavior for more consistency, use "Multiplicative" option for previous behavior * fixed shadows affecting subsurface with directional lights ### 2.2.44 - fixed corrupted packed shaders (Unity 5.4) ### 2.2.43 - fixed "Use Reflection Probes" option in Desktop shader (Unity 5.4) ### 2.2.42 - allow Emission Color to be enabled without Emission Map in Shader Generator - added "HDR Color" option for Emission Color in Shader Generator (useful for effects like bloom) - renamed internal variable _IllumColor to _EmissionColor in templates - dropped support for Unity 5.0.0 and lower (older versions still available to download) ### 2.2.41 - updated PBS shaders to match Standard shaders in Unity 5.4 - added "Dithered Shadows" option in Shader Generator for alpha-blended shaders - fixed initial blending values for Alpha Blending option in Shader Generator - minor fix to Shader Generator templates ### 2.2.4 - added "Subsurface Scattering" option in Shader Generator - fixed inspectors issue with Mac retina displays ### 2.2.31 - added "Bump Scale" option in Shader Generator - fixed issues when updating shaders with custom output path enabled - removed Unity5.4 templates and added differences in the main Unity5 template ### 2.2.3 - added Ramp Generator utility - added option to explicitly set shader model target in Shader Generator - added Shader Generator template for Terrain shaders (experimental) - removed explicit "#pragma target 2.0" in PBS shaders for lower LOD, allowing it to default to shader model target 2.5 in Unity ### 5.4 - renamed "Self-Illumination" feature to "Emission" in Shader Generator - custom output path fix for already existing shaders ### 2.2.2 - added option to save generated shaders in custom directory ### 2.2.1 - added Unity 5.4 compatible templates for the Shader Generator (fix for reflection probes sampling) - fixed seamless tiling on some sketch textures ### 2.2.0 - added "Standard PBS" version of the shaders, based on Unity Standard shaders (Unity 5.3+ only) - added "TCP2 Demo PBS" scene to show the PBS shaders - moved "Outline Only" shaders to their own category - updated documentation ### 2.14.1 - fixed attenuation factor with "Light-based Mask" for Rim Lighting (point/spot lights, shadows) ### 2.14 - added "Light-based Mask" option for Rim Lighting in Shader Generator ### 2.13 - added option to disable wrapped diffuse lighting - added "Colors Multipliers" option to Shader Generator - bug fixes and improvements ### 2.12.2 - disabled custom lightmapping support in Unity5+, turns out it doesn't work anymore with surface shaders ### 2.12.1 - removed double lighting multiplication in Unity 5 template for Shader Generator - Smoothed Normal Utility now copies blend shape data in Unity 5.3+ ### 2.12 - added support for "Curved World" by Davit Naskidashvili in the Shader Generator (requires the "Curved World" package from the Asset Store) - refactored outline shaders code with TCP2_Outline_Include.cginc - fixed Blended Outline Only shaders queue (from opaque to transparent) - fixed Outline Only material inspector glitch with slider properties in Unity 5+ ### 2.11.2 - Mobile shader now compiles to shader model 2 as it was supposed to - added menu options to unpack all mobile and desktop variant shaders ### 2.11.1 - improved detection of manually modified generated shaders - fixed issue with Shader Generator and Texture Ramp - fixed issue with Shader Generator and Cartoon Specular ### 2.11 - fixed issue with Shader Generator and TCP2 Lightmap - added script to convert materials from TCP1 to TCP2 (in the tools menu) ### 2.10 - fixed issue with Smoothed Normals Utility and built-in meshes - Smoothed Normals Utility no longer requires mesh to be read/write enabled ### 2.091 - fixed generated Shader userData not always saved when using Shader Generator ### 2.09 - added option to render outline behind the model (Shader Generator) - fixed shader model 2 outlines with Shader Generator (Unity 4.5) ### 2.08 - fixed Parallax offset for diffuse texture (Shader Generator) - fixed warnings on package import (Unity 5) - TCP2 shaders now work correctly with Substance materials (Unity 5) ### 2.07 - fixed MatCap calculations (was incorrect with rotated meshes) in Mobile shaders and Shader Generator template ### 2.06 - fixed MatCap issue with scaled skinned meshes (added option to turn fix on/off in inspector) - fixed Pixel MatCap breaking generated shaders if normal map was disabled ### 2.05 - added Pixel Matcap option in Shader Generator, allows MatCap to work with normal maps ### 2.04 - fixed path issues on Mac ### 2.03 - fixed glitched outlines in DX11 ### 2.02 - fixed issue with vertex function in generated shaders - removed debug information showing in material inspector ### 2.01 - updated Mobile shaders to target shader model 3: should fix compilation issues with some combinations, will break compatibility with super old desktop GPU (roughly pre-2004) ### 2.0 - everything redone from scratch! - lots of new features and optimizations added to the shaders - Unified Inspector: select one shader and then let the inspector choose the correct optimized shader for you - Shader Generator: generate your own stylized shader choosing from a lot of features - Smooth Normals Utility: generate encoded smoothed normals to fix hard-edge outlines - new Documentation in HTML format with examples and tips ### 1.71 - updated "JMO Assets" menu ### 1.7 - added alpha output to shader files (RenderTextures should now work for real) - Constant Outline shaders now take the object's uniform scale into account ### 1.6 - fixed alpha output to 0 in lighting model, would cause problems with Render Textures previously - fixed Warnings in Unity 4+ versions - fixed shader Warnings for D3D11 and D3D11_9X compilers - re-enabled ZWrite by default for outlines, would cause them to not show over skyboxes previously ### 1.5 - fixed the specular lighting algorithm, would cause glitches with small light ranges ### 1.4 - changed name to "Toony Colors" - fixed Bump Maps Substance compatibility (WARNING: you may have to re-set the Normal Maps in your materials) ### 1.3 - added Rim Outline shaders ### 1.2 - added JMO Assets menu (Window -> JMO Assets), to check for updates or get support ### 1.1 - Rim lighting is much faster! (excepted on Rim+Bumped shaders) ### 1.01 - Included Demo Scene ### 1.0 - Initial Release