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Cartoon FX 1 Remaster
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Cartoon FX 1 Remaster is a free update to Cartoon FX Pack 1, made 8 years after its initial release!
It was time to provide a major update to the popular VFX pack with modern effects, techniques and optimizations; still in all its stylized glory!




CFXR Hit D (Yellow)

CFXR Smoke Poof

CFXR Impact Contrast (Blue)

CFXR Fireball (Plain)

CFXR Electrified 1

CFXR Impact Glowing Cross HDR (Green)

CFXR Water Splash (Smaller, No foam)

CFXR Hit Sparks (HDR)

CFXR Water Splash

CFXR Electric Barrier

CFXR Electrified 2 (Green)

CFXR Lightning Impact (Green)

CFXR Explosion Smoke 1 (HDR)

CFXR Fire Crisp (line)

CFXR Slash + Text

CFXR Explosion 1 + Text

CFXR Explosion Smoke 2 (HDR)

CFXR Hit A + Text

CFXR Water Sprinkler

CFXR Magic Poof

CFXR Explosion 2

CFXR Slash (Cross, Orange)

CFXR Flamme Candle

CFXR Flamme Crisp

CFXR Electrified 3 (Purple)

CFXR Electric Explosion

CFXR Hit A (Blue)

CFXR Flamme Plain

CFXR Impact Glowing HDR (Blue)

CFXR Impact Glowing HDR (Green, No Flare)

CFXR Flamme

CFXR Explosion 3